Sannyas means courage more than anything else, because it is a declaration of your individuality, a declaration of freedom, a declaration that you will not be any more part of the mob madness, the mob psychology. It is a declaration that you are becoming universal; you will not belong to any country, to any church, to any race, to any religion.


”Osho, Finger Pointing to the Moon, Talk #7(This title is no longer available at Osho’s request)

Paavaka Gil Ben-Chazan


Certified AUM Meditation Leader by the Humaniversity in Netherlands by Veeresh, the Creator of the meditation.

Experienced in leading AUM Meditation in various festivals and settings in Israel, as well as at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.

Graduate of OSHO Multiversity trainings:

  • OSHO Counseling Training

  • Facilitating OSHO Meditations

  • OSHO Pulsation Training

Certified as Enneagram Coach – by the Israeli Enneagram Center – Osnat Yadger

Graduate of “Heal your Roots” Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training - Joy of Living Institute - Sakino Mathilde Sternberg

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader – Dr. Madan Kataria's Laughter Yoga School

Graduate of Horticultural Therapy - Therapy College, Israel

Iris Segev


By chance or not by chance in 2006 I reached paradise in Pune. A beautiful place, green, full of trees and birds chirping, and lots of beautiful people. It was the first time I had met with the Master - OSHO.
During my stay there, I was introduced to a world of content that was new to me, surprising and yet full of great beauty that touched me deep in my heart.
The openness, the floating emotions,  the joy, the songs, the dancing, the smiles, the laughs, the organic food, the smells, the pure water, the quiet and the bustle - elevated my mind and soul.  I realized an immediate surrender, without any preparation, to the fascinating meditations, and the powerful transmissions of OSHO.  The way of living during the day is so empowering.  I realized that I had received a gift, that included a community of people who are an inseparable part of my life, which includes a lifestyle of meditations, festivals and workshops that allow me to live my life with joy and daily pleasure.
Thanks to Existence and thanks OSHO.

Chetan Tarika


Tarika is an OSHO sannyasin since 1999 and passionate about sharing meditation and awareness with people.
Tarika has a first degree in Pharmacy (Hebrew University) and second in Ayurvedic medicine (Pune university).  She is a certified advanced Hypnotherapist, NLP therapist and a member of the American board of Hypnotherapists as well as the International association of NLP.
She is trained at the OSHO International Meditation Resort with Roger W. Vaisey (Premananda) and Greta Mildenberg (Prabodhi), both highly acknowledged international trainers.

Tarika has been working with people for more than 15 years, giving private sessions for individuals & couples as well as facilitating groups, meditations and AUM meditation in various OSHO centers around the world.
Her studying and practicing of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism adds a clear dimension of meditation and mind training to her work.


Shantam Lani- Lani Levine


Lani was appointed to be Osho’s World Ambassador in 1987.

She took sannyas (became a disciple) in 1983. Lani lived in many of Osho’s buddhafields (communities) around the world including Rajneeshpuram, Oregon in the USA,  Osho International Meditation Resort in Poona India and at the Osho Academy in Sedona, Arizona USA.

Lani loves to travel around the world and share her experiences of Osho.

Since 2008, she is based in Tel Aviv-Yafo. She offers Osho’s Meditations at her home and also in various workshops, seminars and trainings in Israel and around the world. She is a Watsu practitioner and teaches Mandala painting classes. She is known for her laughter, which is contagious.

Ma Prem Sugandho


She is an Osho disciple since 1980 and holds a German University degree in Education, Sociology and Psychology.  During many years of experience as a University teacher in Germany and as an Osho disciple she has combined her professional skills with meditation and other alternative methods. 
During the last 25 years she lives and works in Europe, India (Osho Multiversity, Pune) and the Middle East (Israel). She is Director of the OSHO Institute of Inner Alchemy and Meditation and is currently leading workshops and trainings in Chakra Alchemy and gives individual sessions in Osho Energy Counselling, Breath, Primal, Hypnosis and Family Constellation in Israel and Europe. For more information see her website:

Mitra Ehud Dray


Mitra has been facilitating OSHO Meditation groups for several years for private groups, festivals, conventions and in the hi-tech and financial Institutions of Israel.  
Founded with his wife Satori, the Samasati Center- “Home for Meditations and Rememberance: in northern Israel.
He is trained in Transomatic Illumination Gestalt Therapy (le Transomatic Dialogue), Dream Dialogue, Past Lives and Unio Mystica.  His teachers, inspiration, and deep gratitude are towards Osho Devageet.  

Shin (Shimon) Raviv

My name is Shin (Shimon) Raviv. I’m an Osho sannyasin since 2008.
I heard about the resort in Pune, saw it on the WEB, then visited and fell in love. Since then, I’m on an amazing journey of awareness and consciousness affecting every field in my life from relationships with my wife, children and parents to work and friends.
I’m visiting Pune almost every year, participating in seminars, camps and meditations and enjoying it every time as if it is the first time. Each process brings a new understanding and a new change in my life.
Opening this Osho TLV center and organizing a community is a dream coming true. 

Prem Sudas


I”m walking on the path of self inquiry for the last eight years.  
After completing my BA in Psychology and studying NLP, I felt that even though my mind was filling up with knowledge, my heart was thirsty for nourishment.  I found this in OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO inspired therapy groups.  Especially the ones created by Veeresh, OSHO’s close friend and disciple, and the founder of the OSHO Humaniversity in Holland.  The Humaniversity is my family, the community in which I feel that in any given moment, I am lovable and can ask for love and unconditionally receive it.  A place in which the key values are friendship, authenticity and love. OSHO’s and Veeresh’s love opened my heart and I’m very privileged to allow more friends to open their hearts and to build here in Tel Aviv, a community of friends, who are longing for a life of truth and meditation, beyond our conditioning and old patterns.  
I am proud to represent the Humaniversity in Israel.  
I was trained: in Holland in leading Humaniversity Social Meditations and I am a certified AUM Leader, an OSHO Meditation facilitator from the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and a student in The Family Constellation School of Sakino.
I am an organizer of therapy and meditation groups, trainings, for international leaders and therapists, and the Humaniversity therapists.  I love working with people, dancing, cooking and live my life as an ongoing celebration and remember that love is always the answer.


Jivany Youval

Producer of dance, music and meditation events. Among others, one of the founders of the Nataraj Festival - which he produces to this day, and the meditation weekend 'baragua..'
In addition to productions he works as a developer and researcher in a computer company. He is a graduate of physical psychotherapy at the Ridman college  and a variety of alternative therapies. He plays the clarinet, among others, at Osho festivals around the world. Practitioner and facilitator of Osho Meditations for 18 years.
My wish is for everyone to develop and receive the energy we want to convey at the events and in Osho center.

מרכז OSHO TLV          תקנון

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