Have you ever thought to yourself that there could be a place in the heart of Tel Aviv, where you can reach whenever you want, find a sympathetic ear, get a hug, sit with friends on coffee and cake, read a book, participate in meditation, yoga, Or just take time to be among the "insanity island"?

A place that will be your home away from home , where you can be just who you are. Where you can meet people, dance, celebrate life, laugh, spend time and find your own alone, the quiet, enveloping, pampering, open space that always invites you to arrive, without any prior notice?

Have you ever thought that there could be a place where you feel part of a growing community of people who choose love and awareness?

We are excited to tell you that we are currently in the final stages of development, planning, preparation and preparation for the establishment of an official Osho Center in Israel .

Introducing - OSHO TLV

Window and vision become reality - the establishment of a home for our community, at last.

An international official house that will host friends from Israel and abroad with great love, friends who are already on the road for a long time, and new friends who have recently been exposed to it.

OSHO TLV - We Are Open

On 1 Karlibach Street, the city center of Tel Aviv

(Walking distance from "Shalom" train station, Ha'arba'a Street, Rothschild Boulevard ... we are in the center !!)

What does the subscription include?

Members of the participating community will benefit from:

Osho Meditations throughout the day, parties and community events 7 days a week (picnics, tours, parties, exhibitions, theme evenings, talent evenings, sanyas celebrity), quiet spaces and spaces for working with computers, A personal library with a headset, a library for reading books or a place to read, a pampering kitchenette, a space where you can simply be with friends, and more.

In addition, members of the community will enjoy 15% discount on participation in special activities and workshops at additional cost - such as evening and weekend workshops, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, NLP, Riversing, Tantra, With the best therapists.


So if you are as enthusiastic as we are and want to be a part of this community and this house, and enjoy the quality content -  register now and turn right now to be

Part of a strong and supportive community,  part of the realization of the dream - OSHO TLV

Membership price

Membership price for  Individual - 300 NIS per month

Membership price for couple  - 540 NIS per month

Price of entry vouchers

1 single entry to a meditation or an event - 60 NIS
10 single entries to a meditation or an event - 540 NIS

1 full day entry to the center - 100 NIS
10  full day entry to the center - 800 NIS


You can contribute to the center, with love. Any amount received by the Indian is enormous and will reward the donor with good karma and a letter of thanks with a surprise from us.

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