This method is based on a method of Gautama the Buddha. It is for practicing awareness, watchfulness,
mindfulness, witnessing. The OSHO form of Vipassana enables this to be a comfortable, “juicy”
experience, it is not dry.



The meditation lasts one hour and has two stages. You will be sitting for 45 minutes followed
by 15 minutes of slow walking meditation. You may also choose to continue sitting for the
whole hour.
Each stage begins with one gong, and the meditation ends when you hear three gong beats.


First stage: 45 minutes
Find a comfortable sitting position. It is fine to change your position if you need to, moving
slowly, with awareness. While sitting, your eyes are closed.
The essence of vipassana is to watch and accept whatever is happening. While sitting, the
primary object to be watching is the rise and fall of the belly, slightly above the navel, caused
by natural breathing. It is not a concentration technique so while watching the breath, many
other things will take your attention away. Nothing is a disturbance in vipassana, it includes
everything such as thoughts, judgments, feelings, body sensations and impressions from the
outside world. Watch whatever comes up and gently return to the breath when you have the
choice. Remember that it is the process of watching that is important, not so much what you
are watching.
While sitting, you may be tapped on the head with the vipassana stick. This is to help you to
be alert and give you extra energy and encouragement for watching.

Second stage: 15 minutes
Now the primary object to be watching is the sensation of the feet touching the ground while
walking. Your attention may go onto other things. Notice what arises and whenever you have
the choice, gently bring your attention back to the feet touching the ground.
Keep your eyes lowered, looking a few steps ahead. It is a slow natural walk, about half your
normal speed.

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